Audrey Zofchak is an artist and art instructor residing in Ferndale, Michigan. Her most recent body of work focuses on vernacular history and memory. Her work explores collective (and likely false) memory. Through her process, she aims to initiate narratives that are neither quite real nor entirely imagined.  

Audrey Zofchak earned an MFA (2018) from Wayne State University. She also holds a B.A. in Film Production from Grand Valley State University and an Associate of Fine Arts from Oakland Community College. While at WSU, she has been the recipient of the Wayne State University Sesquicentennial Anniversary Art Project Award, Graduate Professional Scholarship and Graduate Teaching Assistantship.


Statement of Professional Interest

"The more I have studied art the more I have become discouraged by the lack of diversity in the arts. The current elitist culture of the arts sphere has an unhealthy dependency on coded social networks and disguised, class-based borders thus operating in direct opposition to fostering a broad spectrum of ideas and values.

I am interested in the social constructs that can keep individuals excluded from participation in the fine arts. I seek to detect such barriers, emphasize why diversity matters and find solutions to increase participation in the arts representative of a broader population. "

- Audrey Zofchak